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Vendredi 20 Mai
Strasbourg (67)
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  5 discos  

 1 - James HICKS
   • Nordic Journey Volume Ix •
  • G. Idenstam : Gangar fanfares (2019); The ballad of St. George and the Dragon (2019)
  • N. Lindberg : The blessed day
  • E. von Koch : Sommarpastoral
  • H. Akerberg : Passacaglia in F Sharp minor
  • Gunnar Thyrestam : Musica reflexiva for tva orglar
  • Fredrick Sixten : Vocalise
  • A. Börjesson : Paraphrase for the organ on the Swedish children's song Ekorren
- Örebro Olaus Petri Kyrka
- Disque Pro Organo;, 2020, Mats Bertilsson (organ) and Helena Ek (voice).
1913 Setterquist pipe organ, recently renovated [2013] by Åkerman & Lund

 2 - Gunnar IDENSTAM
   • Metal Angel •
  • G. Idenstam : Metal Angel
- Monaco cathédrale
- Disque Toccataclassics;, Février 2020
Metal Angel is a collection of eighteen pieces and a Symphonic Sonata for organ by Gunnar Idenstam, born in Swedish Lappland in 1961; this album presents fifteen of these pieces in a series of three suites. Written between 2013 and 2019, they exploit the full range of the modern symphonic organ to give musical expression to the idea of angels in a Gothic fantasy world. Idenstam’s distinctive musical language blends the physical energy of symphonic rock and metal and the modal cast of Scandinavian folk-music with an approach to the organ in the French cathedral tradition of such composers as Dupré, Vierne and Widor.

Suite I
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I Introduction
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II Waiting for
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III Gothic Garden
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IV Toccata V
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V Metal Angel

Suite II
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I Angel’s Theme
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II Saga One
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III Dark Angel
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IV Elegy for an Absent Angel
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V Falling Angel

Suite III
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I Polina’s Song
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II Golden Angel
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III Archangel
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IV Black Angel
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V Saga III: Epilogue

 3 - Gunnar IDENSTAM
   • Gothic Stories •
  • G. Idenstam : Improvisations
- Hoogstraten Katharinakerk
- Disque Organroxx;, 2019?, Berlin percussion duo DoubleBeats.
1961 Pels organ in Hoogstraten, renovated by Verschueren Orgelbouw,

improvising on some musical ideas by Gunnar which evolved into a ”gothic” story born out of the ruins of the late Gothic Church of St. Catherine (Hoogstraten), which was demolished in 1944 by the departing German troops.

 4 - Olivier VERNET
   • Jazz, Pop, Rock Inspirations •
  • H.-A. Stamm : Toccata giocosa
  • M. Schütz : Impressions, extraits des 20 Pop Stücke
  • J. Rutter : Toccata in seven (1974)
  • W. Albright : Sweet sixteens, a concert rag (1975)
  • J.-M. Michel : Suite jazzique (2003)
  • K. Jenkins : Trumpeting organ morgan (2002)
  • J. Kuzma : American Suite (1999)
  • G. Idenstam : Katedralmusik (1995-96)
- Dudelange St-Martin
- Disque Ligia;, août 2010 (602)

 5 - Gunnar IDENSTAM
  • G. Idenstam : Cathedral Music en 15 mouvements
- Reykjavik Hallgrimskirkja
- Disque Bis; CD-5018, vers 2001

  5 discos  

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