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 1 - Edward Cuthbert BAIRSTOW [1], Francis JACKSON [2]
 • Edward C. Bairstow Organist Composer Conductor Recorded 1926-1945 •
  • E. Bairstow : Prelude in C [Nov. 1945] [1]
  • O. Gibbons : O clap your hands. O Lord increase my faith [1]
  • W. Byrd : This day Christ was born. Christe qui lux es et dies. [1]
  • J. S. Bach : Prelude and Fugue in B minor ; Chorale Prelude O, come Saviour of the world [Nov. 1927] [1]
  • J. S. Bach : Gloria in Excelsis. Qui tollis. Patrem Omnipotentem. Crucifixus. Sanctus. Hosanna in excellais de la Messe en si mineur [24 avril 1926 RAH]
  • E. Silas : Fantasia [1, 1945] & Fugue in E minor [2, 1996]
- York Minster
- Disque Amphion; PHI 138, 1926-1945, The Choir of York Minster, The Royal Choral Society & The Royal Albert Hall Orchestra, Dir. Bairstow
This CD was issued to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Bairstow's death in 1946. He was organist of York Minster from 1913 to 1946. A composer of the highest calibre, his choral and organ music are still much in use today. Bairstow was one of this country's leading musicians of the inter-war years and these recordings show the variety of his work as an all round musician. The disc concludes with a spoken tribute to Bairstow by his most eminent pupil, Dr Francis Jackson, his successor as organist of York Minster.

  1 disco  

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