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 1 - Paul DERRETT
 • Benchmarks Vol. 4 - Wisbech (Cambridgeshire) and Kings Lynn (Norfolk) •
  • J. Blow : Verse for Single Organ
  • J. Pachelbel : Alle Menschen müssen sterben
  • C. Burney : Introduction and Voluntary for the Cornet Stop
  • G. B. Pergolesi : Sonata F
  • G. F. Haendel : Air for Two Manuals
  • W. A. Mozart : Sonata KV 336
  • G. Guest : Glory to Thee God this night
  • H. Statham : Rhapsody c
  • T. Walmisley : Prelude and Fugue C
  • M. T. von Paradis : Sicilienne
  • A. Fleury : Variations sur un vieux Noël français
  • Malcom. Williamson : Mass of a Medieval Saint
  • A. Wills : Song without words
  • R. Watson : Concert Piece
- West Walton St-Maryís, Hillington Parish Church, Kings Lynn St-Margaretís, Thorney Abbey, Wisbeck St-Peter and St-Paul
- Disque Fry-Derrett;, 1999
West Walton St-Maryís, Holdich 1893 I/8

Hillington Parish Church, Snetzler 1756 II/13
Kings Lynn St-Margaretís, Snetzler/Rushworth and Dreaper 1754 III/44
Thorney Abbey, Flight/Hill and Son 1790 II/19

Wisbeck St-Peter and St-Paul Harrison and Harrison/Bower and Co 1951 III/50

  1 disc  

Source: database Alain CARTAYRADE

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