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Mardi 23 Avril
Namur (Belgique)


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  2 discs  

 1 - Edward Power BIGGS
   • Stars and Stripes forever •
  • E. Macdowell : AD 1620 (from Sea Pieces, Op. 55 No. 3) [1]
  • Wm. Billings : Chester [2]
  • O. Holden : Don shier Quickstep [3]
  • J. Hewitt : The Battle of Trenton [1], General Washington's March [3]
  • D. Buck : Concert Variations on The Star Spangled Banner [1]
  • T. G. Bethune : The Battle of Manassas [3]
  • O. Shaw : Trip to Pawtucket [2]
  • S. Joplin : Finale from Treemonisha ”Marching Onward” (A Real Slow Drag) [1]
  • J. P. Sousa : The Stars and Stripes Forever [1]
  • Anonyme : The London March [2], Brandywine Quickstep; The Duke of York's March; Captain Sargent's (Light Infantry Company's) Quick March; The Unknown [3]
- Methuen Memorial Music Hall [1], Portsmouth St-John’s Church [2], Boston Old West Church [3]
- Disque Haydn House; CBS, Columbia masterworks, 1976, CD-Haydn House en 2009
Methuen Music Hall, Methuen, Massachusetts, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1947
St. John's Episcopal Church, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA, Brattle organ
Old West Church, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, C.B. Fisk 1970

 2 - Edward Power BIGGS
   • The organ in America •
  • Anonyme : Tunes from Colonila America
  • Wm. Billings : Hymn Tune ”Chester”
  • W. Selby : Fugue Or Voluntary In D Major
  • J. C. Moller : Sonata in D
  • J. Hewitt : The Battle Of Trenton
  • D. M. Michael : Six Movements From The Instrumental Suites
  • W. Brown : Rondo in G
  • B. Yarnold : March in D
  • O. Shaw : Trip To Pawtucket
  • C. Ives : Variations on America*
- Salem Essex Institute, Reading Historical Society, Boston Old North Church, York Historical Society, Pierrepont Manor Episcopal Church, Charleston Huguenot Church, Woodstock First Universalist Church *
- Disque Columbia masterworks, 1960
”The Organ In America: Being a Survey of the Organ-Builder's art as practised in these United Stated from the Revolution until the War Between the States with many Sounds of the actual Instruments playing lively Tunes & Musicks of the Day. Collected & Performed by E. Power Biggs with divers Articles and Illustrations of this Fascinating but Little-Known Inheritance.”

  2 discs  

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