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Vendredi 30 Septembre
Rouen (76)


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  3 discs  

 1 - Douglas CLEVELAND, Julia BROWN, John Melvin BUTLER, Carole TERRY, Bruce STEVENS, Dana ROBINSON, Paul THORNOCK, Paul TEGELS, Julia BROWN, George BOZEMAN, Andy CROW, Thomas JOYCE, Joseph ADAM, Walter KREUGER, Rodney GEHRKE, Carol FOSTER, Gregory CROWELL, Peter GUY, Christopher MARKS
   • Historic Organs of Seattle •
  • D. Buxtehude
  • N. Bruhns
  • M. Reger
  • C.-M. Widor
  • N. W. Gade
  • K. P. E. Bach
  • Berlin
  • Rodgers
  • J. S. Bach
  • R. Wagner
  • N. Lebègue
  • N. de Grigny
  • M. E. Bossi
  • J. Demessieux
  • L. Vierne
  • D. Briggs
  • Félix Mendelssohn
  • Philipps
- Seattle Washington Center for the Performing Arts, Seattle St-Mark's Episcopal Cathedral, Seattle Alphonsus Church, Seattle St-Paul Episcopal Church, Seattle St-Stephen Episcopal Church, Seattle St-James' RC Cathedral, Seattle German United Church of Christ, Spanaway Lutheran Church, Tacoma Christ Episcopal Church, Lynnwood Trinity Lutheran Church, Medina St-Thomas Episcopal Church
- Disque Organ Historical Society; 8, 2008 4CDS
Nearly five hours of music feature historic organs by Aeolian-Skinner, Casavant, Hook & Hastings, and Hutchings-Votey, Kilgen, Tallman, Woodberry, Hinners, Cole & Woodberry, as well as instruments by contemporary builders such as Flentrop, C. B. Fisk, and Rosales, and organs representing the remarkably vibrant organbuilding community that has developed in the Pacific Northwest, including Paul Fritts, Martin Pasi, John Brombaugh, and Richard Bond, and many more! Hear exciting performances by renowned organists Douglas Cleveland, Julia Brown, J. Melvin Butler, Carol Terry, Bruce Stevens, and others in live performances on 24 pipe organs built between 1871 and 2000.

 2 - Joseph ADAM
 • L'organiste parisien •
  • C. Saint-Saëns : Prélude et Fugue op. 99 (2)
  • L. Vierne : Clair de lune, Toccata
  • M. Duruflé : Prélude et Fugue sur le nom d'Alain
  • C. Franck : Prière
  • N. Hakim : The Last Judgment (1999)
- Seattle St-James' RC Cathedral
- Disque Gothic; 49201, 2001
Rosales organ

 3 - Joseph ADAM
 • Melodia •
  • F. Mendelssohn : Sonate 4
  • M. Reger : Melodia, Benedictus
  • F. Liszt : Prélude et fugue B.A.C.H.
  • N. W. Gade : Three Tone Pieces (Drei Tonstücke)
  • S. Karg-Elert : Hommage à Haendel
- Seattle St-James' RC Cathedral
- Disque Loft; 1027, 1999

  3 discs  

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