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Mardi 19 Octobre
Paris (75)
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 1 - Paul AYRES
 • Haendel-Inspired •
  • G. F. Haendel : Arrangements of Handel's instrumental music ; Minuet & Bourrée, from Music for the Royal Fireworks, Sinfonia from Solomon (”The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba”), Pieces for Musical Clock
  • G. F. Haendel : Overture to Esther, Fugue in A minor, Voluntary in C major
  • A. Guilmant : Paraphrase
  • S. Wesley : Variations on Gavot from Handel's Ottone
  • W. Wolstenholme : Introduction and Allegro, from Sonata for the Organ in the style of Haendel
  • A. Smith : Scherzo on Gopsal
  • A. Parwez : In Haendel's Name
  • T. Neal : Lednah Loblied
  • K. A. Janczak : Le Tombeau d'Handel
  • P. Ayres : The Departure of the Queen of Sheba
  • J. Ellis : Overture and Gigue, from Handel-Inspired Suite
  • J. Hawkins : Footnote
  • S. Ikeda : Water Bubbling
  • J. Martens : Little Prelude
- Londres St George's Hanover Square
- Disque Priory;, 2006
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  1 disco  

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