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  5 discs  

 1 - Gere HANCOCK
   • Praise the eternal light •
  • G. Hancock : 9 Improvisations on the cathedral windows
- Hartford Cathedral St-Joseph
- Disque Pro Organo;, sept. 2008 CD / DVD

137-rank, 4 manual Austin Organ (1962) at the Cathedral of St-Joseph in Hartford, Connecticut.

The result was a 68-minute program, a veritable organ symphony in 9 movements. Each movement is Dr. Hancock's musical interpretation of one set of three towering stained-glass windows that line the East and West walls of the sanctuary of the Cathedral of St. Joseph. In addition to 8 improvisation on the 8 sets of theme windows in the Cathedral nave, Dr. Hancock offers a ninth improvisation in response to the ”Christ the King” window that overlooks the organ pipes in the Cathedral's gallery.

There is a wide range of musical moods among the nine improvisations, and a variety of forms are used, including a free-form Toccata, a Scherzo, and a Prelude and Fugue. The multi-camera production allows us to observe up-close the manual and pedal techniques that have made Dr. Hancock's improvisations so legendary. Performance video is merged with stunning videography of the stained-glass windows by the 20th-century French master, Jean Barillet.

 2 - Ezequiel MENENDEZ
 • French Organ Music •
  • C.-M. Widor : 5e Symphonie
  • L. Vierne : Impromptu
  • J. Alain : Postlude pour l’Office de Complies
  • C. Franck : 1er Choral
- Hartford Cathedral St-Joseph
- Disque , 2002
Austin organ (1962) of 156 ranks

 3 - Carol CHOATE
  • O. Messiaen : Méditations sur le mystère de la Sainte-Trinité
- Hartford Cathedral St-Joseph
- Disque Afka; sk 532, 1994?
orgue Austin, 1962

 4 - James BIERY
  • M. Dupré : Symphonie-Passion, Vêpres du commun des fêtes de la Sainte Vierge op. 18
- Hartford Cathedral St-Joseph
- Disque Afka;, 1994

   • Romantic Organ Works •
  • J. Reubke : Sonate sur le Psaume 94 [1]
  • Félix Mendelssohn : Sonata no. 1 in F minor [2]
  • M. Reger : Weihnachten op. 145 [2]
  • F. Liszt : Weinen, Klagen, ... Adagio [2]
- Mülheim-am-Ruhr Petrikirche [1], Hartford Cathedral St-Joseph [2]
- Disque ZC music, CONSORTIUM ZC 040794, 1980 [1], 1970 [2] CD
Austin pipe organ of St. Joseph Cathedral, Hartford CT
Klais Organ, Ruhr, St Maria Geburt Mulhelm in Germany having three manuals and 49 stops.

  5 discs  

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