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Vendredi 29 Mai
Uccle (Belgique)


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 1 - Francis JACKSON
 • Organ Music of Samuel Wesley Volume One •
  • S. Wesley : Andante Maestoso in D (IV) Twelve Short Pieces for Organ [2] G [3] G [4] G [5] A minor [6] A minor [7] A minor [8] A minor [9] F [10] F [11] F [12] D [13] D [14] D [15]-[16] Voluntary & Fugue in D minor [17] A melody Voluntary (Harding) in B flat; [18] Spirited [19] Moderately Slow [20] Lively [21] Old English Melody in F Voluntary (Linley) in G minor; [22] Largo [23] Moderato [24] Scraps for the organ No. 3 in G [25] Scraps for the organ No.4 in E flat Voluntary (Harding) in E minor; [26] Slow [27] Chearful not brisk in E major [28] God save the King Variations in D (1820)
  • F. Jackson : Jig from Georgian Suite for Organ
- Edith Weston [St Mary the Virgin Church]
- Disque Amphion; PHI 192, Nov. 2002 CD
historic 1787 Samuel Green Chamber Organ
St Mary the Virgin Church, Edith Weston, Rutland

  1 disc  

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