Edinburgh The McEwan Hall organ
 1 - Christopher NICKOL
  • W. T. Best : Intégrale
- Dublin St-Patrick's Cathedral, Edinburgh The McEwan Hall
- Disque Priory; 681, 2000, 2003 2CDs
Best: Festival Overture in B flat major

Best: Concert Fantasia on Old English Airs

Best: Andante in G major

Best: Organ Sonata in D minor

Best: Adagio in F sharp major

Best: A Christmas Fantasy on Old English Carols

Best: Toccata in A major

Best: Andante Religioso in F major

Best: Allegro Festivo in E flat major

Best: Introduction, Variations and Finale on ‘God save the Queen’

Best: Fantasia

Best: Christmas Fantasia on popular English melodies

Best: Pastorale

Best: Organ Sonata in G major

Best: Andante in C major)

Best: Fantasia and Fugue in E minor

Best: Andante in E major

Best: Christmas Pastorale

Best: Fantasia on a Chorale

Best: Allegretto in B flat major

Best: March for a Church Festival

Source: database Alain CARTAYRADE