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  2 discs  

 1 - Howard MOODY
 • Rain On The Window •
  • J. Surman : Circum I & II, Stained Glass, The Old Dutch, Stone Ground, Rain On The Window, A Spring Wedding, On The Go, Pax vobiscum
  • H. Moody / J. Surman : Dancing In The Loft, Step Lively!, Dark Reeds, O Waly Waly, I'm Troubled In Mind
  • H. Moody : Tierce
- Oslo Ullern Kirke
- Disque ECM, janv. 2006, John Surman (Saxophone baryton et soprano, clarinette basse )

 2 - John TAYLOR
 • Proverbs And Songs •
  • J. Surman : Prelude ; The Sons; The Kings; Wisdom; Job; No Twilight; Pride; The Proverbs ; Abraham Arise!
- Salisbury Cathedral
- Disque ECM, 1er juin 1996, live, (John Surman saxophone et basse clarinette), Salisbury Festival Chorus, dir. Howard Moody

  2 discs  

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