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Lundi 15 Juillet
Questembert (56)
Eglise St Pierre


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 1 - Elisabeth CHENAULT, Raymond CHENAULT
 • 20th-Century organ music for two •
  • J. Rutter : Variations on an Easter Theme (O Filii et Filiae)
  • G. Hancock : A Fancy for Two to Play
  • C. Susa : Canticle
  • D. Pinkham : Requiem collects
  • M. Roberts : Fanfare and Tuckets
  • R. Arnatt : Two Pieces for Organ Duet ( Sarabande with Variations , Octopus Music)
  • A. Wills : Toccata for Two
  • C. Callahan : Evensong, Ragtime
  • J. P. Sousa : The Stars and Strips Forever
- Roswell United Methodist Church
- Disque Gothic;, vers 1990, vol. 1
orgue Moller

  1 disc  

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